The Austrian Society for Railway History

By the end of the age of steam the Austrian Society for Railway History (ÖGEG) was founded in 1974 in Linz/ Danube with the ambitious aim of preserving some of the last active steam locomotives to keep the myth of steam alive. More than 30 years later and after long period of growth the society is structured in three sections:

  • LOKPARK Ampflwang (standard gauge section)
  • Steyrtalbahn (narrow gauge section)
  • Paddle steamer “Schönbrunn” (ship section)

The foundation stone for the LOKPARK Ampflwang was laid in 1976, when the first locomotive, class 78.618 - a 2C2t (4-6-4T) passenger class type was acquired. Her overhaul in working order took more than ten years and was performed by a handful enthusiastic volunteers. Meanwhile the collection of interesting Austrian classes like 93, 392 and 52 was enlarged over the years and culminated in the purchase of class 12 (1D2, 2-8-4) the most impressive Austrian express steam locomotive. This engine had to be transferred from Romania, where a large number had been built under license.



In 1992 the Eastern German pacific class 01.5 was purchased and restored at the well known RAW Meiningen. Ever since this locomotive is operational and hauls special passenger trains on different main lines in Austria and Germany.


In 1996 the closing of the coal mining company in Ampflwang, close to the famous Salzkammergut region, offered the unique possibility of taking over its standard gauge freight line from Timelkam to Ampflwang including a small engine shed and other buildings related to the mining activities. The branch line is the direct connection to the most important Austrian main line from Vienna to Salzburg - the Westbahn.  2006 was another important year for our society. The exhibition “Coal & Steam”, organized by the regional government of Upper Austria, was established in Ampflwang for half a year. In preparation of this event most of the existing buildings were refurbished and a completely new round house was erected to become the worthy home of our historic locomotive collection also including typical Austrian electric and diesel locomotives like class 1189, 1010 or 2050.


The museum, now labelled LOKPARK Ampflwang, is opened from May to October. Enjoy our roundhouse, where our engines in operation are presented or the “Sortierung”, a former mining facility displaying a special exhibition related to railway and mining. Our shop offers a wide selection of railway related souvenirs and books.


Steam and diesel trains run regularly on Sundays from July to September on the Ampflwang – Timelkam standard gauge line:


  steam powered diesel powered
May 1., 15., 16.  -
July 3., 17., 31. 10., 24.
August 14., 28. 7., 21.
September 11. 3., 4.
October 1., 2. -
December 3., 4.  
from Ampflwang from Timelkam
 9.00 10.00
12.45 14.00
16.30 17.15


The Steyrtal line is the oldest narrow gauge line (760mm) in Austria and was opened in 1889. Starting at Steyr, an old city having a long tradition in manufacturing steel products. Following the scenic valley of river Steyr and passing by the famous church “Christkindl” the line ends in Grünburg. Closed in 1982 by the Austrian Federal Railways it was the last Austrian line running exclusively on steam. In 1985 our society succeeded in the reopening for hauling heritage trains.


Feel the atmosphere of the golden age of steam by travelling in original coaches and passing station buildings in proper style. Among others two original locomotives, No. 2 “Sierning” and No.6 “Klaus” built in the late 19 century, pull heritage trains on weekends from June to September, 1 May and 26 October.

                                                                                           Additional trains are operated in Christmas season.

Operating days and schedule from Steyr (local train station) from Grünburg
May 1 May  10.00 | 14.00 | 18.30  08.30 | 12.00 | 17.00
June every Sunday  14.00 | 18.30  11.00 | 17.00
July every Sunday  10.00 | 14.00 | 18.30  08.30 | 12.00 | 17.00
August every Saturday  14.00 | 18.30  11.00 | 17.00
every Sunday  10.00 | 14.00 | 18.30  08.30 | 12.00 | 17.00
September every Saturday  10.00 | 14.00 | 18.30  08.30 | 12.00 | 17.00
every Sunday  10.00 | 14.00 | 18.30  08.30 | 12.00 | 17.00
October 26 October  10.30  15.30

Paddle steam ship “Schönbrunn” was bought in 1995 for one symbolic Austrian

Schilling directly after the shutting down of the well-known DDSG – Donaudampfschiffahrtgesellschaft. After a period of restauration this wonderful steamer is running on the river Danube again more than hundred years after it was built in Budapest. The steam engine is still in its original condition.






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